Wearable Butterfly Whip Anal Vagina Stimulator SO-002

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Product Description

Product:   Wearable Butterfly Whip Anal Vagina Stimulator SO-002

wearable butterfly whip – the vagina, clitoris, after the Court of triple stimulation

butterfly whip for the crowd: easy female orgasm: the vaginal opening it shallow strong stimulus, will allow you to climax stacked; stimulate the rear garden of pleasure, not all appliances can be achieved, before and after the attack to bring you unlimited pleasure;

first test female masturbation: it”s soft and small, to you only pleasure without any harm;

romantic couples foreplay: it game in her secret garden, to provoke her deepest desire &. .. & … can enjoy the full range of 11,000 beats / minute the overclocking vibration pleasure, to s you directly to the top of the climax!

worn butterfly massager made from super soft medical polymer non-toxic materials, which can massage three sensitive areas, and a seven-stage frequency vibration function better materials, greater frequency and angle of rotation, the process is more refined; single, Miss Bai Ling and couples wishing to experience a new taste essential sex with! The

small dick inserted into the vagina, super unique convex tablets stimulate the clitoris and tail with the activities of joint adjustable angle insert court, wearable massage simply put, that is able to enjoy a comfortable pleasure!

butterfly wear massage attached to adjust the width of the elastic belt, regardless of size, Ms. suitable for all


crystal crystal clear, can also stimulate the body”s sensitive parts of the product, now let the exquisite jade crystal remote control butterfly to help you realize this dream. his personal care and keeps you feeling as happy a woman”s pleasure. wearable (transparent invisible wear), thread design, can be firmly wear to the Department on the body, comfortable and loaded with powerful oscillation produce up to 11 000 beats / min of ultra-high frequency oscillation, but also quiet design

transparent material, simulation small male genitalia can enhance your pleasure. comprehensive massage the sensitive parts of women”s passion from the outside to inside, completely meet women a full range of needs of remote vibration to meet the demand for more convenient climax single-handedly hold grip, ready to enjoy the infinite pleasure.

exquisite jade crystal remote control butterfly, new design more humane and beautiful appearance of the product modeling dynamic attractive with for wear ribbons bondage in the women”s thigh with the Ministry of freedom to control the pumping fork depth, the female vagina massage, accelerate local blood circulation, stimulate orgasm, ocrine regulation, to achieve physical therapy, the purpose of masturbation.

specifications : length 27.0cm, maximum diameter of 8.0cm, one installed.

materials: non-toxic medical polymer materials.

1. battery is installed correctly (This product uses three 1.5V batteries) with 75% of medical alcohol disinfectant scrub products
2. before use a generous amount of lubricant products (recommed with condoms use)
3. into the body, start switch, until climax
4. turn off the switch and exit from the body.

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