Super Vibrating Egg With Bunny BV-048

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Product Description

This is one of the cutest vibrators with strong vibration and a remote available at Sex toys in Pune. As the remote of the vibrator looks like the rabbit with two cute rabbit ears, it is known as vibrator bunny vibrator.


  • Remote control vibrator with 12 powerful vibrating motion.
  • Pro-level charging system.
  • Comfortable for holding while using or carrying.
  • Round shaped remote with two rabbit ears.

Charging system:

Someone may be confused about the charging system of this vibrator because of its unique feature of charging. First you need to twist the vibrator into two parts by turning round slowly. Then you can get a USB port to charge it.

How to Use:

  1. First set the thicker portion of the vibrator inside your pussy according to your tolerance.
  2. Turn on the vibrator by tapping and holding the middle button of the vibrator .
  3. Then increase the speed according to your comfort by tapping on the button of the remote while there are 12 vibrating motions available.
  4. Turn off the vibrator after use similarly by tapping and holding the button of vibrator.

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