Lovey Dovey Elegant Egg Bullet Vibrator BV-013

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Product Description

This is one type of egg bullet vibrator available at Teentoy. It is small in shape, so it is very easy to carry and also easy to hide. This item is known as one of the best thing for solo sex masturbation.


  • It is made in the shape of bullet and the vibrating speed of this item is as its name.
  • The colour of this item is pink.
  • The batteries are to be inserted by twisting this vibrator by tapping the “open” button.
  • The “On” and “Off” button indicate turning on/off this vibrator.

How to Use:

  • The methodology of using this vibrator is the simplest one.
  • Tap the on button and start massage and get the heavenly pleasure.
  • To turn off the vibrator press off the off button.

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