LANGE Wireless Remote Control Butt Plug AD-034

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Product Description

Anal butt plug is one type of anal dildo vibrator which is used for both of the penetration and providing the vibrating sensation inside the anus. The women as well as the men (especially gay) who are craving for anal sex can acquire an exciting and joyful anal fucking experience by using this “LANGE Wireless Remote Control Butt Plug”.


The upper portion of the vibrator is in the oval shape and the below portion of this vibrator looks like a stand to fix it on the surface.  There is a power button at the middle portion of the vibrator and a charging port at the back side of this vibrator parallel to the power button.


  • There are 10 vibrating modes.
  • There’s a wireless remote with this vibrator.
  • There is a single button on both of the vibrator and the remote which is used to turn on/off and change the modes of vibration.
  • There’s a charging port at the back side of the product and an USB charger is available with this product.

How to Use:

  • Turn on the vibrator by tapping and holding (for 2 sec) the power button and then tapping the button of the remote single time.
  • To change the vibrating mode, tap either the button of the remote or the power button of the vibrator each single time.
  • To turn off the vibrator either tap on the power button single time of the vibrator or tap and hold (for 2 sec) the button of the remote.


  • Rinse this product with the normal temperature water and then make it dry with soft tissue.
  • Clean this product each time after use.
  • This item is for only personal use. Don’t transfer this to anyone to use to avoid health issues.

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