Erection Stimulator Penis Extender Sleeve PES-029

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Product Description

Color: Flesh
Size: 3.5 * 24 cm 3.5 * 20 cm
Features: Reusable penis-shaped condom
Function: Expand & delay ejaculation contraception
Product: 100% brand new, reusable, highly flexible and ductile
Packages: Discreet packages to protect your privacy
Includes: 1 penis sleeve
Features: Can be extended 65-100CM

Made of high-quality materials and durable.
Tight fit and use small heads to improve performance.
Wearing a penile sleeve reduces premature ejaculation and improves performance.
Helps limit reflux blood flow and make erections harder.
Extend and enlarge the penis, more effectively stimulate women’s G spot, and improve the quality of sexual life.

Who said erection is a big challenge for men? If you are one of them who have been facing problems in achieving long-term erection, this Erection Stimulator Penis Extender Sleeve will now make things easier. Made of good quality silicone, this penis extender sleeve is high on durability and is extremely comfortable to wrap up the penis. Once worn, the user will feel real sensations in his penis and will be able to hold on to his erections for long. One who wishes to enjoy a long-lasting solo session will love using this product with pleasure. So, stay safe and keep your penis hard and upright with this remarkable penis extender sleeve.

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