Dancer Finger Small Vibrator BV-014

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Product Description

Dancer finger vibrator is an exclusive type of bullet vibrator which will show its wild dance in your pussy, available here. Usually the single girls enjoy their solo sex by fingering, but while using this item, they will definitely get the more and more pleasure that they can’t figure out unless they use it.

  • The demonstration of this product is more like a shoe but it is to be worn to the finger.
  • A small bullet vibrator is provided with it.
  • The downer portion of the vibrator is full dotted to enhance your pleasure.
  • Small watch batteries are required.

How to Use:

  • Insert the bullet vibrator in this item.
  • Turn on the vibration of the bullet by tapping its power mode.
  • Then wear it around your any finger.
  • Finally you can massage over your clitoris or interior portion of the vagina.

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