Jumbo Mimi Ball SBP-005
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Silicone Breast 550 gms/pair with Transperant Bra SBP-001Silicone Breast 550 gms/pair with Transperant Bra SBP-001
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Silicone Breast A or B Cup SBP-002Silicone Breast A or B Cup SBP-002
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Buy a Silicone Breast and Get Possessed Attractive Bosooms

Girls cannot ignore, boobs are such parts of the female body that amplify their beauty and attraction. Many obsessions and lustful ticklings exist around the breasts. In the case of female transgender people, their boobs are not so as mature as straight women. Especially trans female and gays who desire to manifest themselves like women are recessed though, due to lack of potential. However, this is not an issue nowadays, silicone breast would be the right solution here.

Silicone wearable boobs are a part of cross-dressing. This practice commenced among trans people, though now even popular among straight guys too. The main objective in this regard is nothing but decking the body in the stance of your opposite gender overcoming the lack of potential. In the classroom, college, or office, you may have crushes on your peers belonging to the same gender identity and wish you had such attractive delicious boobs like them. Now, your dream of being possessed of alluring boobs is bound to be true by using silicone fake tits.

Top Collection of Silicone Fake Breasts:

Top Collection of Silicone Fake Breasts
Top Collection of Silicone Fake Breasts

“Sex Toys in Pune” is a reputed sex toy shop that provides high-quality, 100% pure silicone-made boobs at a low price. Even, though you can get multiple varieties within. These are as follows:

Silicone Breasts with Strap: This looks like a bra that comes with a strap, so comfortable to wear. Put it on and your small immature boobs will be replaced with large and developed ones. They look fully realistic and boost your confidence in any outfit.

Strapless Silicone Breasts: The basic difference between strap silicone breast and strapless one is one is available with a strap while another one hasn’t. You can also find different varieties in sizes such as A, B, C, etc. Actually, these boobs stick with gum; so, there’s no hassle to hide the extra strap. Another perk is, that you don’t need to remove other clothes to put it on/off anywhere.

Silicone Squeeze Breasts: Silicone squeeze breasts are two silicone balls shaped like boobs. These fake tits are used for both recreational purposes and to create artificial boobs. Regardless of whether they are LGBT, the majority of individuals will buy it to troll their friends.

The Factors You Should Consider to Buy Silicone Breasts:

Choose the Right Colour: Silicon boobs come in different colours- fair, dark, olive, neutral. Before choosing them please make sure if colour mixes with your skin tone. For example, if you have black skin, you ain’t going to buy fair silicone boobs. You have to choose according to your skin colour. 

Pick the Right Type: Although there are different varieties of silicone breasts- some are strapless or with straps.  In the traditional outfit, both are good to go with. When you opt to dress up openly, you can better choose strapless. 

Look for the Right Shape: We have different collections of silicon boobs according to breast cups such as A, B, C, and D. Before shop, please make sure about the breast cup shape too.  

Shop with Us:

“Sextoysinpune.com” is the leading seller of silicone breast cups, which can propel LGBT crossdressing to new heights. As previously indicated, we have a large collection of silicon boobs in various shapes, sizes, and textures. We’re constantly in the forefront of selling high-quality, branded LGBT sex items in India. When it comes to shop quality, we stand out from the crowd due to our one-of-a-kind and customer-friendly policy, the fastest shipping, safe payment methods, and so on. Order your product from us and receive delivery within 1-2 days.